BES Quantitative Ecology Hackathon

The one-day BES Quantitative Ecology Hackathon was led by the Quantitative Ecology SIG in partnership with the Citizen Science SIG of the British Ecological Society and saw small teams work together on challenges that combined ecological and sociological data.


Me and my team (Lea, Jack & Philipp) worked in the following challenge:

So you’re a citizen scientist in the UK - where should you go to record? The idea would be to implement a dynamic map of Britain/UK to highlight areas where additional citizen science biodiversity records might be particularly valuable for filling in knowledge gaps.

For this, we implemented a dynamic map using bird occurrence records from Wales between years 2015-2018. To set a priority value for each area of the country, we calculated two different measures for each year: the level of isolation (as the amount of accumulated records in time for the area) and the inventory completeness (as the curvilinearity of the species accumulation curves per area). Finally, we combined this in a Shiny app.

We were awarded overall winners !


Find here all the challenges GitHub repositories

Florencia Grattarola
Florencia Grattarola
Postdoc Researcher

Uruguayan biologist doing research in macroecology and biodiversity informatics.