Relationships between society and nature at the boundary

Environment, knowledge and society, social participation, expert knowledge and environmental conflicts on land use, energy and biodiversity in Paso Centurión (Cerro Largo, Uruguay). We address the place of scientific knowledge and its relation to local knowledge on key environmental issues in Uruguay - land use, afforestation, biodiversity conservation and renewable energies - in Paso Centurión, department of Cerro Largo, Uruguay.


Carlos Santos (Head Coordinator); Javier Taks (Head); Gabriel Perazza; Lucía Gaucher; Magdalena Chouhy; Álvaro Soutullo; Florencia Grattarola; Andrea Garay.


2017 – 2018.


Sectorial Commission for Scientific Research – Research and Development Program – UdeLaR.

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Florencia Grattarola
PhD student - Evolution & Ecology