Fogones de Fauna

Collaborative-learning experience in the protected area of Paso Centurión

The participatory monitoring project named Fogones de Fauna is an experience in collaborative-learning, carried out by the JULANA NGO in Paso Centurión, Uruguay.


Lucía Gaucher, Florencia Grattarola, Gabriel Perazza, Solana González, Juan Manuel Barreneche, Lucía Rodríguez & Alejandro Duarte.


Locality of Paso Centurión. Cerro Largo, Uruguay.


2012 – 2018.


  • Global Greengrants Fund
  • Red Nacional de Educación Ambiental (ReNEA) - Ministerio de Educación y Cultura (MEC).
Florencia Grattarola
Florencia Grattarola
Postdoc Researcher

Uruguayan biologist doing research in macroecology and biodiversity informatics.