A novel primer set for mammal species identification from feces samples


We described a technique for detecting mammal species, based on the analysis of a control region fragment of mitochondrial DNA by establishing taxonomic identity from non-invasive samples. We detected a polymorphic fragment that varies in sequence and length within different mammalian species but maintains its identity among individuals of the same species. We amplified a single fragment in all the mammalian species tested from tissue samples and identified feces samples at species level. The use of a unique set of primers to assess the presence of different mammal species with non-invasive sampling allowed us to differentiate sequences from more than one species per environmental sample. Thus, it constitutes a powerful molecular tool for inventory and description of the mammal diversity distribution in natural areas.

Conservation Genetics Resources 7(1), 57–59
Florencia Grattarola
Florencia Grattarola
Postdoc Researcher

Uruguayan biologist doing research in macroecology and biodiversity informatics.