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Rural Uruguay is undergoing a long process of transformations that tend to weaken the maintenance of local cultural traits, including society-nature relationships. To preserve these traits and enhance our understanding of these relationships, it is necessary to both strive for the empowering of rural communities and to establish a constructive exchange of knowledge. JULANA (an acronym from the Spanish for “Playing in Nature”) works towards these goals through the dialogue of the different conceptions of nature and society. This work presents an experience in collaborative-learning, the participatory monitoring project named Fogones de Fauna carried out in the village of Paso Centurión, along with reflections on the value of JULANA’s work and education.
Society & Animals. Special Issue: Tracking the Human-Wildlife-Conservation Nexus Across the Human-Animal Studies (HAS) Landscape., 2018



A Computer of One’s Own

Pioneers of the Computing Age

Landscape Genetics

Impact of environmental characteristics in the genetic structure of three species of native mammals.

Masters in Biological Sciences Project

Contributions of molecular ecology to the study of mammals in Uruguay

Participatory Monitoring

The project Fogones de Fauna is an experience in collaborative-learning, carried out by JULANA NGO in the village of Paso Centurión, Uruguay.

PhD Project

Macroecological patterns of biodiversity across the Tree of Life: Uruguay as a model region

Relationships between society and nature at the boundary

People, animals, scientific knowledge and socio-economic development in Paso Centurión, Cerro Largo, Uruguay.

Salmonella Comparative Genomics

Salmonella as foodborne pathogen: epidemiology, pathogenesis and prevention


SciComm & Presentations

SciComm Talk in the Museo de Historia Natural Carlos A. Torres de la Llosa

Conference Presentation

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